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Use Pledge to measure, reduce and offset your company’s carbon footprint, while enhancing your value proposition.

Business Travel

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by measuring the carbon footprint of every business journey your employees make and commit to offsetting the emissions it generates.

Boost employee engagement

Build trust among your employees through a clear policy around offsetting all elements of business travel, including hotel stays.

Stand out as an employer choice

By embedding sustainability into every element of your work, including business travel (one of the highest emitters), you’ll appeal to the growing number of environmentally-conscious employees.

Pave the way for sustainability strategies

Show the impact of your sustainability initiatives in business travel to your partners, and you may well influence them to follow suit.

“We’ve been able to give our customers data around the carbon footprint of every delivery, as well as offer simple solutions to enable them to take climate action.”

Edoardo Del Bino, Founder & CEO
“By partnering with Pledge we are able to provide customers with real-time visibility over their carbon emissions, helping them to measure, manage and take action on reducing their climate impact”
Dan Gill, Chief Customer Officer
“Thanks to Pledge, our customers can easily meet their scope 3 emissions targets and support their sustainability journeys. We're proud to help the construction sector achieve its Net Zero goals.”
Skrap logoHussain Hilli, CEO & Co-founder
“Our clients can now win more business by delivering unparalleled operational transparency and flexibility around their customers’ carbon footprints.”
James Coombes, Founder & CEO
“By partnering with Pledge, we bring our customers footprint visibility and frictionless offsetting capabilities to accelerate the decarbonisation of supply chains.”
Zencargo logoIan Powell, Head of Solutions Consulting