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Join forward-thinking offset project developers removing gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere. Here are just a few of the projects we work with.


Subsistence farmers and their families suffer from today’s increasing droughts, floods, and famines. TIST farmers join together to take action and become leaders. They plant trees, improve their farms, and encourage their neighbours. They measure their local and global impact and earn 70% of the profits from the carbon credits. Today, over 117,000 TIST farmers have successfully grown over 23 million trees and removed over 8 million tonnes of CO₂ and thousands more are joining each month.

Ocean Carbon Removal
Running Tide

Running Tide is developing ocean-based CDR technologies that amplify natural pathways in the Earth’s carbon cycle. At the core of our technology is a system that stimulates the fixation of organic carbon by macroalgae in the surface ocean and that accelerates the transport of carbon-containing biomass to the deep ocean.

Soil Carbon
Grassroots Carbon

Grassroots Carbon produces soil carbon storage credits that represent measured, certified carbon drawdown at scale.. Grassroots Carbon’s mission is to remove barriers for land stewards to turn conventionally managed lands into regeneratively managed lands by paying ranchers for their carbon sequestration and storage. By only certifying the actual drawdown, this project aims to remove carbon reliably and naturally.

Oregon Biochar Solutions

Oregon Biochar produces high-quality, high-carbon and high surface area biochar (Rogue Biochar) from local forestry waste biomass available in the Northwest USA. The production facility is carbon-neutral and is located in Jackson County, Oregon. The biochar is used in regenerative agriculture as a fertiliser carrier and slow-release agent that allows a reduction in fertiliser usage and as a soil amendment to enhance soil health.

Carbon Cure

CarbonCure's carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology offers permanent, verifiable, and scalable carbon reductions for the concrete industry. The retrofit technology is installed in hundreds of concrete plants globally. CarbonCure's technology won the grand prize in the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition, selected as the most scalable breakthrough technology to convert CO₂ emissions into usable products.

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