A smoother, faster road to sustainability

Measure and manage your scope 3 emissions across all transport modes in one place. We cut carbon confusion, helping your drive climate action faster and at lower cost.

Pledge streamlines the measurement of supply chain transportation emissions, helping you take action quickly and easily.

Gain a deep understanding of your supply chain emissions

Pledge helps you demystify your emissions with an accredited and transparent measurement solution.

Identify which activities leave the largest footprints, and use these foundations to inform your reductions initiatives. Then use our offsetting marketplace to address any residual emissions.

Streamline your stakeholder reporting

As sustainability gets embedded into your corporate strategy, it’s important to have the data to support your climate action claims.

With Pledge, you can easily fill out your climate disclosures, and share emissions reports with partners, customers and stakeholders.

Build climate capabilities instantly

Your sustainability journey with Pledge begins with a simple data upload or a few lines of code. 

Our API-oriented approach is easy to integrate, ensuring rapid time to value for you and your customers. We take care of it, so you can get on with your business.

Start your climate journey in minutes

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