Address residual emissions with verified, high quality offsets

Our marketplace of verified nature-based offsets and removal technologies enables you to access curated portfolios to meet your budget and preferences.

We make procuring high quality offsets simple, transparent and affordable.

Access a broad range of high quality offsets

Not all offsets are equal - each type has distinct qualities. Our portfolio approach combines verified offsets and high-quality removal technologies to maximise your climate impact for your budget and preferences.

Our priority is to work directly with project developers to guarantee the best procurement experience.

Have peace of mind with verified and independently vetted offsets

We partner with offsetting projects verified by established registries to ensure your contributions have a real, positive impact.

In addition, we use third-party experts to validate the quality and integrity of the frontier removal technologies that we support.

Take meaningful climate action in a click

We’ve streamlined the offsetting purchase process, giving you instant access to curated portfolios that meet your climate objectives.

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and no minimum volume requirements. Receive a unique offsetting certificate on purchase to prove your climate action.

Access a broad selection of offsets and removal technologies

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