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Are your customers asking about emissions visibility for their shipments? Are you facing growing pressures to support them on their climate journey? Pledge gives WCAworld members the tools you need to meet stakeholder demands quickly and easily without investing significant time, money or resources.

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Pledge gives you all the tools you need to stand out from the competition and meet stakeholder demand

Some of the companies taking climate action with Pledge
Measurement & Analytics

Accredited supply chain carbon accounting

Measure your carbon footprint of transportation and logistics activity using Pledge’s powerful GLEC-accredited carbon accounting engine.


Transparent high-quality climate action in minutes

Access high-quality offsets with unprecedented ease and transparency.

All Pledge’s projects are vetted by independent registries or experts for your peace of mind

"We are very excited to offer this product to our customers. The collaboration with Pledge was very important and helpful for our process."

– Marie-Christine Gaudreault, MBA, Trade Lane Director at Synergie

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