Case study

How Zencargo worked with Pledge to help make supply chains more sustainable

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Zencargo  is a London-based digital freight forwarder enabling organisations, from FTSE 100 businesses to fast-growing startups, to make smarter decisions with industry-leading logistics experts and real-time supply chain visibility. The supply chain solutions leader works with businesses to move sea, air and road cargo with greater efficiency and accuracy and helps improve the sustainability of their logistics operations.

The challenge

Amid accelerated climate change and increased scrutiny from stakeholders, supply chains need emissions tracking and elimination.

While consumers and investors value environmental responsibility, navigating carbon accounting for complex supply chains can be challenging. 

Zencargo realised that for shippers, tracking scope 3 emissions across trade lanes, suppliers, products and diverse modes of transport can be a tough task, making compliance and impact assessment more difficult. 

The solution

Zencargo partners with Pledge to provide instant, accredited and automated emissions measurement and reporting.

Zencargo envisions a world of smarter trade and a key component of this vision is fostering sustainability within customers' supply chains.

Through collaborating with Pledge, Zencargo utilises emissions data to establish a benchmark for an organisation's CO2 emissions. This involves tracking emissions across trade lanes and transport modes, proposing optimisation strategies for emissions reduction and offering offsetting options aligned with businesses' goals and culture.

By integrating with Pledge, Zencargo seamlessly incorporates emissions measurement capabilities into its services, enabling customers to access emissions data on demand.

The outcome

Zencargo and Pledge empowers customers with real-time carbon emissions data for supply chains.

Zencargo’s customers are now able to access real-time and accurate carbon emissions data that could also be backdated to measure historical emissions. By allowing them to visualise and understand their supply chain emissions, Zencargo’s customers can now meet sustainability regulations requiring the disclosure of their supply chain emissions.

With access to critical data insights about their supply chain emissions, Zencargo’s customers can also develop and implement carbon reduction strategies based on accurate and accredited emissions data insights.

Image of laptop screen with Zencargo's dashboard and someone typing on the keyboard.
Zencargo can now offer integrated shipment emissions measurements for their clients

Firstly, our partnership with Pledge drives visibility and value for our clients, equipping them with a sustainability toolkit to measure, reduce and offset scope 3 supply chain emissions. Secondly, as sustainability is a priority for supply chain decision-makers, we can drive forward key offsetting and insetting initiatives with clients as a true partner."

James Fry, VP of Customer Solutions, Zencargo.


Zencargo continues to drive sustainability in supply chains.

By working with Pledge, Zencargo has enabled its customers to have access to accurate, instant and accredited carbon emissions measurement and reporting. As a result, Zencargo has made a big step towards its vision for a world with smarter trade by becoming an environmentally responsible freight forwarder through its strategic partnership with Pledge.