Pledge launches data solution to enhance supply chain emissions measurement transparency

New Accuracy™ feature enables forwarders to provide shippers with accurate emissions data and make informed emissions-based supply chain decisions

London, UK, 30.11.2023: Pledge, the emissions measurement platform provider for freight forwarders, has launched Accuracy™, a new product feature built to enable forwarders to help their clients understand and take action on the quality of their end-to-end emissions measurements. 

Accuracy™ allows forwarders to offer emissions Data Quality Indicator (DQI) levels as part of their end–to–end shipment emissions measurements, empowering shippers to make balanced comparisons between forwarders’ emissions estimates.

The DQI levels, developed in accordance with Smart Freight Centre (SFC) guidance, offer more clarity on the quality of the various data sources used in each calculation and the level of confidence shippers can have in the communicated emissions estimate for an end-to-end shipment.

“Shippers are looking for freight partners who can offer transparent and actionable insights into their supply chain emissions, and it’s becoming increasingly common for shippers to compare forwarders based on their ability to provide quality sustainability data when putting business up for tender,” said André Mohamed, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Pledge. 

Accuracy™ follows the SFC’s four-tier framework, creating a level playing field by enabling freight forwarders to clearly differentiate the quality of their emissions reporting from competitors.

The Data Quality Indicator level, generated by Accuracy™ for each shipment, ranks the quality of the input data into four tiers (4 – Unsatisfactory, 3 – Sufficient, 2 – Good, 1 - Excellent), in line with SFC’s DQI recommendation.

More accurate data inputs generate better DQI levels as they provide more useful emissions data for shippers.

“We’re the first accredited vendor to include a feature that helps forwarders and their clients understand the quality of their supply chain emissions calculations by providing SFC DQI levels for every multimodal end-to-end shipment”

André Mohamed, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Pledge

This is a critical step in helping freight forwarders build transparency into their emissions measurement capabilities and meet the needs of shippers who must understand the quality of their emissions calculations in order to achieve their sustainability goals. 

The DQI levels featured in Accuracy™ are derived from three data input types: including origin and destination, weight, and emissions intensity, delivering a more detailed indicator than the ISO 14083 “primary/modelled/default” qualification. 

This is just the first instalment of features for Accuracy™, with further enhancements and additions in the pipeline to help enhance the emissions data quality for forwarders and shippers.

Smart Freight Centre is an international non-profit organisation focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation and is promoting accredited emissions reporting with its Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework and ISO Standard 14083.

Accuracy™ and Clarity™ — a feature offering a clear and detailed breakdown of how emissions are calculated at each leg of the shipment journey — are both available on all Pledge plans and as part of the company’s introductory 14-day free trial.

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