CarbonCure Partners with Pledge to Bring its CO₂ Removal Technologies to a Wider Business Audience

London, 11 August 2022CarbonCure Technologies, a climate tech company specialising in carbon removal technologies in the global concrete industry, has partnered with Pledge, an integrated carbon measurement and offsetting platform - to bring its solutions to a wider business audience. 

CarbonCure is on a mission to annually reduce and remove 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030. CarbonCure’s suite of technologies immediately mineralise captured CO₂ upon injection into fresh concrete during manufacturing. Even if CarbonCure concrete is later demolished, the mineralised CO₂ will never return to the atmosphere.

CarbonCure Chair and CEO Robert Niven said, “We are proud to provide high-quality carbon removal credits that are measurable, verifiable, scaling and available right now. Carbon markets are a catalysing force for innovation and scaling solutions. As we deploy our technologies globally and work to exponentially increase our carbon storage operations, we’re taking this moment to applaud Pledge’s commitment to removing CO₂ and ensuring a sustainable, liveable climate.”

CarbonCure's methodology for calculating its carbon credits was approved in 2021 by Verra, the world’s most widely used voluntary greenhouse gas crediting program. CarbonCure measures and tracks the CO₂ from point of capture through to mineralization, allowing carbon credit buyers to trace the precise deployment date and location of the CO₂ they paid to remove.

“In July, we surpassed 650 CarbonCure systems sold and 2.8 million truckloads of sustainable, carbonated concrete delivered to construction sites around the world, and have reduced and removed more than 185,000 metric tons of CO2,” Niven said. “CarbonCure has grown from a single-product company into a vertically-integrated carbon removal solution across the global concrete industry — shrinking the carbon footprint of one of the world’s most difficult-to-decarbonise sectors.”

David de Picciotto, Pledge’s Co-founder and CEO says: “It's great to be working with CarbonCure, a project partner that has created a solution to decarbonise a traditionally heavy emitting industry. Working with CarbonCure has proven that new technology that can scale rapidly is a key solution to accelerating the transition to net zero, something which is what we’re dedicated to achieving at Pledge."

About CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies, a fast-growing carbon dioxide removal tech company, is on a mission to annually reduce and remove 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030—equal to taking 100 million cars off the road each year. CarbonCure’s suite of technologies permanently store captured CO₂ in concrete through carbon mineralisation. With more than 650 systems sold across the global concrete industry and a methodology verified by Verra, CarbonCure’s technologies currently save from the atmosphere thousands of metric tons of CO₂ each month—with exponential growth and impact, year-over-year. CarbonCure’s cutting-edge research and innovation have garnered global recognition and prestigious titles, most notably Carbon XPRIZE Grand Prize Winner, 2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 List Company and Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame Company. CarbonCure’s investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon, BDC Capital, Microsoft, Carbon Direct, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

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About Pledge

Pledge is an integrated suite of climate tools that lets businesses incorporate trusted carbon measurement, reduction and carbon removal capabilities into their customer offering quickly and easily. By giving their customers the tools they need to understand and manage their climate impact, businesses meet demand for ESG initiatives, win new business and build a talented, purpose-driven workforce. Its backers include Visionaries Club, Lowercarbon Capital and Zinal Growth.