Cargo Overseas chooses Pledge to measure clients' freight emissions

Pledge and Cargo Overseas logos on Pledge branded background

Cargo Overseas chooses Pledge to measure and offset the carbon emissions associated with its shipments, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainable logistics practices.

Cargo Overseas plans to utilise our emissions measurement product to enable its clients to gain a detailed understanding of their scope 3 supply chain emissions. It will also offer its clients access to Pledge’s offsetting marketplace, enabling them to offset any unavoidable emissions once reductions have been made.

“Building a sustainable future is paramount to business, humanity and the planet,” said Stephen Merrick, Finance and ESG Manager at Cargo Overseas. “In order to make informed decisions, we need the data. Pledge simplifies this process and enhances the high level of service we strive to provide.”

“We are excited to welcome Cargo Overseas as a new Pledge customer,” said David de Picciotto, CEO and Co-Founder of Pledge. “Cargo Overseas has shown that it is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future for the logistics industry. We are confident this collaboration will help Cargo Overseas’ clients achieve their sustainability goals, providing them with the data and tools they need to reduce their environmental impact.”

About Cargo Overseas

At Cargo Overseas Ltd, we're not just about moving goods; we're about paving the way for a greener, cleaner future in global logistics. We prioritise eco-friendly practices and strive to lead the charge in decarbonising the logistics sector. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to providing top-tier, efficient logistics services to our clients worldwide. 

We understand that the path to a sustainable future is a collective journey. Hence, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to reduce our carbon footprint. By optimising routes, streamlining supply chains and investing in green solutions, we aim to set new standards for ecological responsibility in logistics. 

Our global reach is extensive, yet our approach is personal. We tailor our logistics solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring your cargo is delivered with care, precision and minimal environmental impact. With Cargo Overseas, you partner with a forward-thinking logistics provider that is committed to excellence, sustainability and driving change for a better tomorrow.