Cotransa Group selects Pledge as accredited supply chain emissions partner to help clients meet CSRD requirements

Pledge and Cotransa Group logos on a Pledge-branded background

Pledge is pleased to announce that Cotransa Group, a global leader in freight forwarding and logistics services, is now using its emissions measurement product for freight forwarders. Pledge will provide Cotransa's clients with accurate, accredited and instant freight emissions measurement and reporting to help them understand and manage their supply chain emissions.

This initiative enables Cotransa’s clients to be prepared for the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations that came into force at the beginning of 2024, requiring businesses to report their emissions, including scope 3 emissions from their supply chain.

With the logistics industry responsible for 11% of global emissions, supply chain emissions make up a significant proportion of the total carbon footprint for many businesses. By partnering with Pledge, Cotransa is making it easier for its clients to measure and report on emissions produced in their supply chains, comply with CSRD regulations and take steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Cotransa believes that freight emissions measurement is an essential first step in reducing emissions and achieving a more sustainable future for the freight industry.

Statement from Cotransa:

“At COTRANSA we believe we have the intergenerational responsibility to act and work for a long-term sustainable world, which is why we are committed to a business model based on environmental and social ethical principles.

“Aligned with these objectives as pioneers, at a national level in our sector, we have a service line that offers eco-efficient routes and the advantage of having accurate logistic emissions information, as well as alternatives to compensate for those emissions. In this journey towards an eco-sustainable logistics sector, alliances with projects and companies that offer tools to stay at the forefront of the changes required by new environmental regulations are essential.”

Pledge CEO and Co-founder, David de Picciotto said: “By working with Pledge, Cotransa is providing its clients with a comprehensive and accurate way to measure and track their supply chain emissions. It’s now leading the way by enabling its clients to meet CSRD regulations when it comes to scope 3 emissions reporting.”

About Cotransa Group

Cotransa is a company with a long history in the market, founded in 1972 and with offices in Spain, Mexico and Cuba. Globally connected to more than 195 countries through our networkers. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to establish a solid reputation based on the reliability, timeliness and quality of our services. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing customised logistics solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.