Forwarding Digital integrates Pledge for seamless carbon reporting within FMS platform

Pledge and Forwarding Digital logos on purple background with box around them.

London, UK, 04.06.2024: At Pledge, we’ve partnered with Forwarding Digital, the recently launched freight management software (FMS) and customs declaration service (CDS). By integrating our carbon reporting platform into its cloud-based solution, Forwarding Digital enables freight forwarders to offer their shippers integrated accredited carbon footprint reporting directly within their TMS or shipper portal.

This integration marks a significant step towards greater transparency and sustainability in freight and logistics, giving freight forwarders the power to provide their shippers with access to real-time carbon footprint data. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry and unmanageable calculations, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate carbon reporting.

Based on modern and easy-to-use cloud-native architecture, Forwarding Digital allows freight forwarders to be up and running quickly.  The platform boasts intuitive functionalities and a secure environment to manage all aspects of freight forwarding operations.

With Pledge's industry-leading carbon reporting capabilities, Forwarding Digital users can now access carbon reports accredited to industry-recognised standards, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the data provided. Pledge’s unique approach to providing transparency allows users to delve deeper into the methodology behind their shipment carbon calculations. This approach empowers both freight forwarders and shippers to make informed decisions for more sustainable supply chain operations.

Sanj Matharu, Head of Partnerships at Pledge, said “By seamlessly integrating carbon footprint reporting into Forwarding Digital’s newly launched FMS platform, we are increasing the possibilities for both freight forwarders and shippers to make data-driven decisions to minimise their environmental impact.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pledge and integrate their best-in-class carbon reporting software into Forwarding Digital’s FMS platform,” said Jon Heavyside, Director of Forwarding Digital. “This integration empowers our users to offer shippers a seamless experience with built-in, accredited carbon footprint reporting. It eliminates manual work and ensures data accuracy, all within the familiar environment of our user-friendly FMS platform. This is a significant step forward for transparency and sustainability in freight forwarding, and we’re proud to be leading the way.”

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