Hubtic selects Pledge to enable clients to meet CSRD obligations

Pledge and Hubtic logos on dark Pledge-branded background

We’re proud to announce that Hubtic, the digital freight forwarder startup, has joined Pledge. Hubtic will integrate the Pledge emissions measurement platform to enable its clients to report on Scope 3 emissions and meet their Carbon Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) obligations.

As a freight forwarder, Hubtic recognises the critical role it plays in helping companies report and reduce the carbon footprint within their supply chains. Hubtic's decision to collaborate with Pledge is driven by its commitment to building trust and transparency for businesses when it comes to emissions reporting, as well as fulfilling their regulatory requirements effectively.

By integrating with our GLEC-accredited and ISO 14083-aligned emissions measurement platform, Hubtic will facilitate accurate and comprehensive reporting, aligning with the CSRD.

"Beginning in 2024, the EU and UK will mandate businesses to report emissions, including those within supply chains. However, there’s a noticeable gap in the market regarding guidance on these calculations. Through our alliance with Pledge, we're dedicated to offering a unique value to our clients, enabling them to precisely measure, comprehend and report their transportation-related carbon emissions using our proprietary Hubtic shipper and carrier panels."

Abdullah Cansu, Founder of Hubtic

"We are excited to work with Hubtic to help businesses navigate the intricate landscape of supply chain carbon emissions reporting and help their clients meet their CSRD obligations. At Pledge, our mission is to enable forwarders to provide businesses with the tools and expertise they need to build a more sustainable supply chain. Hubtic's decision to integrate with Pledge is a testament to their dedication to environmental responsibility and the strength of our product."

David de Picciotto, CEO and Co-Founder of Pledge

About Hubtic

Hubtic is a digital logistics company revolutionising B2B logistics by seamlessly integrating real-time pricing, 24/7 shipment tracking and comprehensive reporting, delivering an unmatched blend of transparency and efficiency in one platform.