Ligentia supports drive for carbon emission reduction by partnering with Pledge

London, 18 January 2023 - Supply chain management company Ligentia is to provide customers with enhanced visibility of their carbon footprint and scope 3 emissions as part of its commitment to delivering sustainable supply chain solutions.

Ligentia has partnered with Pledge, the leading supply chain emissions management software, to help customers measure their carbon emissions across the end-to-end supply chain. This data, which will be self-served through the Ligentix supply chain management platform, will also be used to model potential carbon reduction opportunities and inform decisions that support strategies from transport optimisation to modal shifts. 

Dan Gill, Chief Customer Officer of Ligentia, said: “By partnering with Pledge we are able to provide customers with real-time visibility over their carbon emissions, helping them to measure, manage and take action on reducing their climate impact.

“Our expectation is that this will become a key data point that is continuously assessed, not a one-off annual activity. Consumers are becoming more socially conscious and we’re seeing shifts in purchasing behaviours towards brands that have core sustainability values.  By providing customers with this data, we are helping support their reduction strategies and plans.”

The way in which Pledge gathers data to calculate emissions involves using specific shipment data by mode and individual vessel. This provides a high-level of assurance around supply chain emissions, which can be difficult to measure as they are outside of a company’s direct control. Pledge emissions are accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) in conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework, the industry standard methodology for measuring emissions across the supply chain. 

David de Picciotto, Pledge Co-founder and CEO said: “At Pledge, we believe that carbon footprint visibility is a crucial first step for brands on the road to sustainability. We’re excited to help Ligentia’s customers address their carbon impact by bringing emissions visibility, insights and offsetting capabilities to their supply chain.”

Ligentia is committed to driving supply chain value for customers and by looking at container utilisation, shipment consolidation, lower carbon routes and modal shifts (to less polluting modes) we are helping to both drive reductions in emissions and optimisation of supply chains. Ligentia will also be providing customers with the capability for offsetting.

Action will need to be taken by every company, everywhere, if we’re to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. 

About Ligentia

Ligentia is a global tech-enabled supply chain manager, with over 25 years’ experience delivering more sustainable and agile supply chains. Our customers include some of the world’s most sophisticated retailers and best-known brands in manufacturing, healthcare and consumer goods. Our people are supply chain experts and problem solvers, providing world-class sector and regional expertise backed by smart technology that helps make supply chain complexity much simpler. There are Ligentia hubs in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe.

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About PledgePledge is an integrated suite of climate tools that lets businesses incorporate trusted carbon measurement, reduction and carbon removal capabilities into their customer offering quickly and easily. By giving their customers the tools they need to understand and manage their climate impact, businesses meet demand for ESG initiatives, win new business and build a talented, purpose-driven workforce. Its backers include Visionaries Club, Lowercarbon Capital and Zinal Growth.

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