Pledge at COP27: Come and See us in the Innovation Zone and the Sustainable Innovation Forum

Pledge will attend COP27, the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

We will be present at the Sustainable Innovation Forum and will also have a booth in the dedicated Innovation Zone from 7th - 12th November 2022 to showcase our solution for supply chain sustainability and how we're helping scale voluntary carbon markets through our marketplace.

We know that companies face increasing pressure to decarbonise, but they often lack the knowledge, time and resources to follow through on their sustainability commitments. We’re here to cut carbon confusion and empower them to turn climate action into a competitive advantage.

We’re at COP27 to show how our emissions measurement, analytics and offsetting solutions can support customers to quickly and effectively get started on their sustainability journeys. One of the key themes of this year’s convention is Net Zero which ties in closely with Pledge’s goal to accelerate companies’ transition to this important target, as well as help scale voluntary carbon markets.

Attendees who visit our booth will be able to see our self-serve emissions calculation and analytics solutions in action. They will also be able to get an in-depth insight into some of our partner offset projects on our self-serve offset marketplace, and see elements of them in real life. We will showcase the following partners who are among the frontier carbon removal technologies available on our offsetting marketplace:

  • UNDO- A company which offers enhanced-weathering solutions. It spreads crushed rock on land, where it improves soil health and locks away carbon for hundreds of thousands of years.

  • Premier Forest - a leading UK timber group which compresses wood waste into briquettes which are then fed into a custom-built biomass gasification system, producing syngas and biochar. 

  • neustark - A company which is pioneering carbon capture solutions making use of the largest global waste stream. neustark removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, liquifies it, and permanently mineralises it in demolished concrete aggregate.

  • Running Tide - A project which uses a multi-pathway carbon removal system to sustainably amplify the ocean’s natural processes, moving carbon from the fast carbon cycle (Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, and upper ocean) to safe storage in the slow carbon cycle (geological reservoirs and the deep ocean). 

Connect with us at COP27

Find us at the Pledge stand in the Innovation Zone. Come and talk to our founders about how we’re supporting companies to get started on their sustainability journey in minutes and helping scale voluntary carbon markets. We’re keen to make new connections, share knowledge and find out how we can rally together to take meaningful climate action. 

Why not set up a meeting? 

COP27 is a unique opportunity to meet in person with like-minded people united around the same mission. If you’re also attending, we would love to meet you. Just get in touch to schedule a meeting: