Pledge joins the network, offering freight forwarders plug-and-play access to accredited emissions calculations and insights

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At Pledge, we’ve joined the network to further enable their customers to make frictionless freight emissions calculations in minutes.

Using Pledge’s adapter built using’s Open Connect, freight forwarders can now plug their TMS into the Pledge platform, automating the conversion of shipment data into accredited scope 3 emissions calculations.

Unlock emissions visibility using shipment data

The demand for freight forwarders to start offering emissions measurement and reporting is rapidly growing. Regulations such as the CSRD in the EU require shippers to start reporting their scope 3 emissions as soon as next year. As freight forwarders hold the shipment data necessary for emissions calculations, it falls on them to provide this service for their customers.

This new integration enables forwarders that want to offer freight emissions measurement to their customers to get started in minutes. It’s one of the many ways we’re helping to reduce friction in emissions calculations and reporting, making sustainability more accessible in the transport and logistics industry.

"This integration allows freight forwarders and their customers to take a significant step forward in managing their emissions," said David de Picciotto, Co-founder and CEO of Pledge. "By collaborating with, we’re making it easy for forwarders to access our accredited logistics emissions solution, regardless of their current TMS setup."

“Measuring and reducing carbon emissions is no longer a choice, but a necessity for businesses across the world to meet new regulations and sustainability promises,” said Brian Glick, CEO of “We are excited to welcome Pledge to the network, further enabling our customers with the data they need to accurately track and measure their carbon footprint.

Pledge has joined the network to make it easier for customers to export shipment data from their TMS into the Pledge platform
Get started with Pledge using

To get started, sign up to Pledge and then sign into the portal and create a new CO2 integration using Pledge’s Adapter to start sending shipment data from your TMS to Pledge.

If you want to provide accredited emissions reporting directly to your customers, simply create a second flow from the Pledge platform to your TMS.

With the whole set-up only taking about 5 minutes, it’s one of the quickest ways to start providing accredited emissions calculations to your customers.

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