Pledge and Smart Freight Centre to bring together industry leaders during COP28 to tackle supply chain carbon emissions

The climate technology specialist is co-hosting a roundtable for shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers to accelerate the pace of decarbonisation in the industry.

London, UK, 23.11.2023: Pledge and Smart Freight Centre are hosting a roundtable in Dubai, UAE, during COP28 to bring together carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers to share best practices and exchange ideas that can help companies meet their net-zero targets.

“The OECD has predicted that global logistics emissions are set to increase 42 percent by 2050 – the same year the Paris Agreement has tasked the EU to achieve net zero carbon,” said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder, Pledge.

“If we’re going to meet this challenging goal, the industry needs to come together and collaborate.”

“This is why we’re hosting a roundtable, to provide a space for open and frank conversations about the best practices for emissions reduction, to clear up confusion surrounding upcoming regulations, and help kickstart the journey for those struggling to know where to begin.”

The roundtable will also highlight innovative solutions, technologies, and methodologies, such as Smart Freight Centre’s GLEC Framework and ISO Standard 14083, which can help the industry to meet net-zero targets.

Requirements for accurate emissions reporting are increasing globally, with more countries set to implement regulations such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), coming into force in 2024, with non-compliance resulting in fines.

Pledge’s emission measurement and reporting platform enables freight forwarders to provide shippers with GLEC-accredited data, helping them implement sustainability strategies, inform reduction pathways, and meet regulatory emissions disclosure requirements.

“We empower industry leaders to track and reduce their emissions from freight transportation, and help the logistics sector to collectively meet the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Sophie Punte, Founder, Smart Freight Centre.

“Our co-hosted roundtable with Pledge will spark collaboration between logistics stakeholders, giving them the opportunity to discuss common challenges, share implementation success stories, and ultimately create more impact together.”

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is an international non-profit organisation focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation and is promoting accredited emissions reporting with its GLEC Framework and ISO Standard 14083.

De Picciotto and Punte will be co-hosting the roundtable during the UN's transport day at COP28 on Wednesday, 6th December, in Dubai UAE.

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About Smart Freight Centre

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is an international non-profit organisation focused on reducing the emission impacts of global freight transportation. Our goal is to guide the global logistics industry in tracking and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030 and to reach zero emissions by 2050 or earlier, consistent with a 1.5° future.