Pledge and Synergie Canada partner to enable customers to measure and report supply chain emissions

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London and Montreal, 27.07.2023 - Climate-tech company Pledge is rolling out its carbon emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting solutions for leading Canadian freight forwarder, Synergie Canada.

Synergie Canada will utilise Pledge's platform to provide customers with simple, transparent and traceable carbon emissions measurement and reporting. By implementing this innovative technology, the company aims to provide its customers with actionable data on their carbon footprint.

The decision to partner with Pledge was driven by several factors, including the platform's comprehensive capabilities that align with Synergie’s customers’ requirements. This step also reinforces Synergie's dedication to corporate responsibility and its vision of creating a sustainable future for the planet.

'’As a Canadian company, finding a good platform for carbon footprint management has been a real challenge”, said Marie-Christine Gaudreault, Trade Lane Director at Synergie Canada. “It was a real concern for Synergie Canada to find the right partner to help us deliver an effective solution. We looked at many platforms, and Pledge was the only one that met all our needs. We also appreciated their flexibility to follow our ideas and market needs in the future.”

Synergie and Pledge are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on businesses and the environment. By enabling customers to measure their carbon emissions accurately, Synergie is taking proactive steps towards fostering sustainable practices within the freight forwarding industry.

“Synergie Canada is working at the forefront of the freight industry, and we’re delighted they’ve put their trust in our platform and expertise”, said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer at Pledge.

“The freight industry is at a crossroads as sustainability and how to implement it is becoming an increasingly important topic. Synergie’s commitment to providing environmental stewardship and responsibility shows it’s not afraid to take the necessary steps to create change in the industry.”

Looking towards the future, Synergie expects this partnership to position them as a leader in the market. The integration of Pledge's products enhances Synergie Canada's existing services, providing added value for its customers that want to measure and report their carbon emissions.

About Synergie Canada:

In the last ten years, Synergie Canada has transformed itself from a conventional over-the-road (OTR) transportation company into a worldwide logistics partner with multiple levels of operations. Dedicated to providing clients with logistics services that correspond entirely to and meet their needs, Synergie offers worldwide multimodal supply chain management solutions from negotiation to delivery. The company's mission is to deliver efficient and reliable logistical services that provide complete peace of mind.