XPand Logistics selects Pledge to offer every customer carbon footprint visibility and climate action tools

Pledge and XPand Logistics logos on a dark blue background with various neon shapes.

London, 03.04.2023

XPand Logistics, a leading, independent UK freight forwarder, has chosen Pledge, the integrated carbon measurement and offsetting platform, to integrate carbon footprint visibility, analytics and offsetting capabilities for every customer at the booking stage.

Close to 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions currently come from freight transportation, so shippers are under increasing pressure from consumers, investors and other stakeholders, to decarbonise their supply chains. By working with Pledge XPand Logistics will give its customers an instant, highly accurate view of the emissions generated by every journey made, and the means to mitigate these.

Pledge handles all the complexities of robust carbon accounting from data integration to compliance with the strictest standards and globally recognised methodologies and frameworks such as GHG, GLEC and ICAO. It gives a clear overview of top emitters so reduction activities can be planned effectively.

Pledge also provides a broad and varied marketplace of carbon offsets and removal technologies. All projects are vetted by independent experts and registries. Its API-first approach also means it is easy to integrate, ensuring rapid time to value as well as an optimal user experience.

XPand Logistics prides itself on finding its customers the fastest, safest and most cost-effective transport solutions whether by air, sea or road. It will now also lead the way when it comes to sustainability.

"Since COP26, hosted by the UK in Glasgow in 2021, XPand Logistics made a conscious decision to invest in how we, as a supplier, are able to assist and make our customers aware of the carbon footprint of their shipping decisions. We feel it’s our responsibility to provide various options to mitigate the impact of their shipments and through our partnership with Pledge, we’re able to do so. XPand Logistics are proud to partner with Pledge in our joint mission to combat climate change.”

David Osborn, XPand Logistics Managing Director

“At Pledge, we believe that carbon footprint visibility is a crucial first step for many shippers on the road to sustainability. We’re excited to help Xpand Logistics’ customers bring emissions visibility and frictionless offsetting capabilities to their supply chains.”

David de Picciotto, Pledge Co-founder and CEO

About XPand Logistics

Established in 2000, XPand Logistics is now seen as one of the few UK forwarders specialising in true customer service for its clients. With over 20 years’ of experience with major forwarders and airlines, the need for personal service in an industry that has undergone major changes and mergers was recognised by XPand Logistics.

We like to think we are different from the large forwarders in that we are committed to serving our customers by choosing the best transport solutions that exist in the open marketplace. Flexibility in the choice of routings, systems and price are key. We are not tied to corporate strategies or global buying policies.

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About Pledge

Pledge is a carbon measurement and offsetting API-oriented platform for transportation and logistics. We make it simple for businesses of every size to understand and manage their climate impact across any mode of transport (air, rail, road, sea). By providing tools and infrastructure, we automate the delivery of climate solutions — such as footprint measurement, reduction and offsetting — into customer journeys. We’re on a mission to make businesses climate aware and help accelerate their transition to net zero.

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