Measure and report your customers’ freight emissions

Easy-to-use emissions measurement solutions built for freight forwarders. Accredited for all modes of transport, with global coverage.

Freight forwarders taking climate action with Pledge

Easy-to-use solutions that fit into your tools and workflows

  • Start instantly: 14-day free trial with no credit card required

  • No developers needed: Options to upload data directly via CSV, email or file exchange

  • Seamless integration: Plug directly into your customer portal or TMS for emissions measurement and reporting with our API

  • Easy to use: We do all the hard work 

  • Use data you already have: All you need to get started is your customers’ shipment data

Accredited reports to meet your customers’ needs

  • Instant reports: Generate and download reports for each customer instantly

  • Accredited by SFC in accordance with GLEC framework

  • Aligned with ISO:14083

  • GLEC accredited for all modes: Sea, air, road, rail, inland waterways and logistics sites

  • Transparent methodology: View the breakdown of each calculation with Clarity™

Discover how easy measuring emissions can be

Improve accuracy with additional data points, Pledge fills in any gaps

Routes and distances calculated for you

  • Distance of each transport leg calculated using our advanced models and algorithms

  • Accurate routing based on vessel numbers, carrier codes, flight numbers and more

Use our emissions data for additional precision

  • Our vehicle emissions database enables us to use vessel number, carrier code, and flight number to improve routing accuracy

  • CleanCargo members benefit from automatic integration of CleanCargo data

Developer friendly for quick and easy integration

  • Self-serve API key: Grab your API key and start building

  • API Sandbox: Test your integration before going live

  • Open API: Seamlessly integrate Pledge into your systems

  • Easily incorporate metadata: Associate additional meaningful data with emissions calculations, and group or filter emissions by organisational unit

How it works

  • 1. Sign up for your 14-day free trial

    All you need is your business email — no credit card required

    Start for free

  • 2. Upload shipment data

    • Get started with weight, origin, destination and modes of travel.

    • Upload via CSV, email, cloud or through an API integration

  • 3. Instantly receive accredited emissions calculations

    Export your calculations as reports and send them straight to your customers

Start measuring carbon emissions in minutes