Transparent high-quality climate action in minutes

Access high-quality offsets with unprecedented ease and transparency. Purchase from Pledge’s offset marketplace or empower your customers to purchase through no-code impact links.

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Quick and easy access

Get started in minutes with our self-serve marketplace.

Trusted projects

High-quality verified registry offsets and third-party assessed removal technologies you can trust.

Portfolios to suit your needs

Ready-to-go diversified portfolios or custom sourced portfolios on demand.

Transparent pricing

More of your money goes directly to project developers.

Proof of impact

A unique certificate as proof of purchase to support your climate actions and goals.

Purchase as little as 1 tonne

Purchase fractional offsets to align with your exact emissions and offsetting objectives.

Verification & Assessment

Carbon offsetting you can trust

At Pledge we partner with projects that are part of recognised registries or assessed by third parties.

Each of the projects that we offer has been thoroughly vetted by industry leaders, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your contributions are having a real, positive effect.

Align offsets with your objectives

A one-stop shop for climate action

  • Pre-built balanced Portfolios

    • Diversified by design

    • Options to meet various goals and budgets

  • Custom Portfolios available

    • Sourcing from geographies of your choice

    • Based on your budget, impact goals, targets etc.

  • Project Insights

    All offsetting projects include information on:

    • Location

    • Price

    • Availability

    • The UN Sustainable Development goals it supports

  • Instant Orders in Flexible Quantities

    • Place orders and secure inventory instantly in app, by API, or through Impact Links

    • Starting from as little as 1 tonne in marketplace, and 1g via API


Purchase offsets for yourself or your customers

Select projects that suit your needs: Explore ready-to-go diversified portfolios of carbon offsets.

Place your order in minutes: Choose an amount and order in the Pledge platform or through our API.

Get your certificate: You'll have immediate proof of impact with a certificate you can share.

Impact Links

Empower your customers to offset their emissions

Generate a link in seconds: Choose an offsetting portfolio and add your custom branding.

Share with your customers: Embed on your site or share directly with customers. They can offset a custom amount or receive a pre-populated link with emissions from a specific shipment.

Operations handled for you: Pledge will process payments and issue certificates directly.

Certification & Security

Proof of impact you can share

Proof of purchase: Every purchase made through Pledge includes a unique certificate to prove the purchase of your carbon offset credits, as well as being documented in Pledge's offset registry. 

Verifiable purchases: With Verify, a unique QR code on each certificate links back to the Pledge registry so third parties can verify your purchase.


Track and trace your orders

Each purchase through Pledge’s offset marketplace is recorded in your Pledge account to keep track of exactly what was purchased and when. Each record includes:

  • Team member who made the purchase

  • Method of purchase (API, Pledge platform, Impact Link)

  • Number of credits

  • Projects included in credits

  • Link to certificate

  • Metadata passed through impact links

Developer friendly for quick and easy integration

  • Self-serve API key: Grab your API key and start building 

  • API Sandbox: Test your integration before going live

  • Open API: Seamlessly integrate Pledge into your systems

  • Easily incorporate metadata: Associate additional meaningful data with offset credit purchases, and group or filter credits by customer

Getting started

Start taking climate action in less than 10 minutes

Three ways to get started:

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