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For low volume freight forwarders and freight brokers with ad-hoc emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting needs.

    All the essentials:

  • Accredited emissions calculations
  • All modes of transport
  • Sea, road, air, rail and inland waterways routing
  • Geocoding
  • CSV and XLSX file upload
  • Clarity™ - emissions measurement transparency
  • GLEC, GHG & ISO 14083* reporting
  • Offsetting marketplace
  • Impact Links
  • Email support

  • * Coming soon
  • Best value

    For freight forwarders and LSPs who want to plug emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting into their TMS, customer portal or other systems.

      Everything in Lite plan plus:

    • Emissions measurement API**
    • CSV file import by email
    • CSV file export
    • TMS connectors*
    • Actual or predicted port calls for sea routing*
    • Actual or predicted stopovers for air routing*
    • User-defined locations
    • Custom fuel factors and fuel mixes*
    • Offsetting API**
    • Own branding for Impact Links
    • Own branding for reports
    • In-app chat support
    • 99.9% API SLA

  • * Coming soon
  • ** Powered by Pledge attribution required
  • Custom Plan

    For larger enterprises, ISVs, shippers or bespoke needs.

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