Put CBAM compliance on autopilot. Get on with your business.

Measure and report CBAM emissions with Pledge, whether you’re an importer required to complete a declaration or installation operator required to report to customers. Our trusted software handles all the complexities of your CBAM reports and helps you manage upcoming certificate costs.

Built for importers & installations

Instant calculations

Get started in seconds and receive instant results, allowing you to get on with your business and have peace of mind.

All on one platform

Calculations, reporting and management of your CBAM certificates, all on one platform.

Data imports that suit your business

Integrate emissions measurement into your systems using our open API, or start importing data instantly via CSV file upload, email or data transfer.

Emissions reporting that you can trust

Pledge’s software is accredited and complies with the highest standards of methodological conformance. Auditable breakdowns of each calculation shown with Clarity™.

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Default reporting values will be phased out this Summer.

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