GLEC-compliant emissions measurement for freight forwarders

Instantly calculate your clients' emissions for each leg of every shipment. Accredited globally for all modes of transport. Designed for freight forwarders.

Freight forwarders taking climate action with Pledge
Built for freight forwarders.

Instant calculations

Multi-leg shipment emissions measurements completed in seconds — measure for a single shipment or upload in bulk.

All on one platform

Measure emissions all in one place, regardless of carrier or mode, anywhere in the world.

Data imports that suit your business

Integrate emissions measurement into your systems using our open API, or start importing data instantly via CSV file upload, email or data transfer.

Emissions measurement clients trust

Smart Freight Centre GLEC accredited and ISO 14083 aligned. Auditable breakdowns of each calculation shown with Clarity™.

Start measuring your clients' carbon emissions in minutes

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

How it works

  • 1. Sign up for your 14-day free trial

    All you need is your business email — no credit card required.

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  • 2. Upload shipment data

    • Get started with weight, origin, destination and modes of travel.

    • Upload via CSV, email, cloud or through an API integration

  • 3. Instantly receive accredited emissions calculations

    Export your calculations as reports and send them straight to your customers

“By partnering with Pledge we are able to provide customers with real-time visibility over their carbon emissions, helping them to measure, manage and take action on reducing their climate impact”
Dan Gill, Chief Customer Officer