Pledge Culture

New Look, New Logo - We see a future where sustainability is at the heart of business

Pledge is proud to announce the launch of our new website and brand, both of which reflect our growth over the past year, and ongoing mission to deliver best-in-class climate solutions for businesses. 

Turn climate action into a competitive advantage

Many companies globally are under growing pressure to become more sustainable, but are not sure where to start, particularly when it comes to their supply chains. We’re here to help demystify supply chain carbon footprint measurement and empower businesses to turn climate action into a competitive advantage.

Empowering your businesses to get started in minutes

Our new brand and website reflect our focus on clarity and ease of use. The clean, modern design and improved site navigation enables our users to quickly find what they’re looking for. The imagery and illustrations give a handy, at-a-glance summary of product features, and help to simplify complex climate topics.

Our emissions measurement & analytics platform and offsetting marketplace enables users at businesses of every size to self-serve.

Cut carbon confusion

Our customers can also make use of our comprehensive and growing resource bank, which aims to cut carbon confusion. It provides helpful insights into everything businesses need to know about emissions measurement, analytics and offsetting. It also includes handy summaries of climate regulations in the UK and EU, a guide to navigating carbon markets, a summary of measurement methodologies and much more. 

“Our new website and brand reflect our growth over the last year and our ongoing mission to remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere,” says David de Picciotto, co-founder and CEO of Pledge. "We're building best-in-class tools and infrastructure to support businesses in their Net Zero transition and helping scale voluntary carbon markets."

Introducing our new Brand

New Logo

The Pledge logo represents the reduction of carbon both visually and metaphorically. The edges and boxes suggest pixels and give the symbol a more tech leaning aesthetic. The new identity communicates the idea of moving towards Net Zero and conveys trust and credibility for our clients.

Colour - Same purple, more colours

At the core of our brand, we're still purple - it helps keep us distinctive. To support our core purple, we now have a vibrant range of secondary colours to help create a sense of light, ease and positivity.

Art Direction - Our new displacement effect

The displaced treatment creates a distorted effect within our messaging, which brings to life the concept of cutting carbon confusion. By cutting carbon confusion, we make the topic of climate action easy to understand, easy to measure and easy to take action on residual emissions.

Welcoming our new illustration style

Our illustration style is conceptual while also explaining complex concepts in a more simplified way. Think of it as a network of interwoven initiatives collectively working together to combat carbon emissions.

A clearer way forward

Acting on your corporate climate impact can be a complex and bewildering task. What companies need is clarity and a simple pathway to action. Pledge’s strategy is focused on demonstrating this with ease and clarity, providing solutions for businesses to take immediate action.

Start your climate journey in minutes