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Meet The Pledgers — Andrea

Welcome to the Meet The Pledgers series in which we’ll be talking to members of our team to find out what their job involves and get a little glimpse of their day to day lives at work. We hope it will also give you a flavour of our culture.

Today we’ll be talking to Andrea Esteban Martín, Brand Designer. Recently Andrea has been working on brand evolution, internal documents and stripy socks.

Why did you apply to work at Pledge?

After a few years of working in various industries, from food delivery to entertainment, I was drawn to Pledge because it seemed like I could have more of a direct positive impact with my work. As a designer, the space for the brand to grow is massive, which was another major draw for me, as the company is just a little over a year old.

What does the day-to-day look like in your job?

It can go from sourcing merch providers one moment, designing an event stand the next, or jumping on a call to talk web redesign and brand evolution. I might even help find a venue for our next team social. I am also usually going around the various office floors looking for cereals and snacks to collect at my desk for the next time I feel peckish.

How do you collaborate with different teams across the company?

I work with pretty much every team in different ways. The company has a really flat structure, and I value the fact that everyone has experience and knowledge that is useful at various stages of the projects that I work on. Everyone is welcome to ask questions and involve others, even those who might not be considered stakeholders of a specific project. It’s good to get external feedback especially from people in other departments who haven’t been immersed in the project at hand.

What is the most exciting project that you’ve worked on at Pledge?

Being involved in the rebrand, having in mind the next brand evolution steps and finding merch providers that align with our values. I have only been here for a few months but it already feels like a lifetime in a really good way!

What is Pledge Life about for you?

It’s about trying new things. Testing is actively encouraged. The platform originated because there was a need to help businesses understand their climate impact and how to address it. We’ve built it from scratch so there’s this overall can-do attitude that gives a lot of space for being creative. Pledge Life is also about Friday team lunches of course where we all get together to hang out!

What would you say to someone who might be looking to join your team?

Be ready and have fun! Every role is a new opportunity to evolve the business further and bring different perspectives and approaches to how teams work with each other.

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